Janitorial Innovations


The CaLjan Difference

When you call your account manager, "if" he/she doesn't answer, your call is automatically re-routed to the person on duty.

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The CaLjan Guarantee

We offer a "LOVE" guarantee. If you don't LOVE our work, we will repeat, or there is no invoice.

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CaLjan Technology

Green Cleaning janitorial service in Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove & surrounding areas.

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Free Bid that You Schedule

We will give you a no obligation bid on your time and at your convenience. And, the price will be very competitive!

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About Us & Why Us?

Our Clients

Chances are if you’ve gone to the movies, or bought a new car, did banking, or shopped at some major retail stores, you’ve seen our work first hand. However, no job is too big (almost) and no job is too small!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on our FAQ page, email, text, call, fax, write, come in, come in. Ask us anything, anything! If you have a janitorial question, we have the answer.

What makes your chemicals and cleaning better?

We believe the strongest cleaner on earth is good old fashion elbow grease. And, we use a lot of it.

What’s the catch to 1-month of free cleaning?

There is no catch. We have a relationship that usually lasts for years. We will “give” you 1-month to prove the difference we can make.

How is your prices the lowest, yet–the best cleaning?

Please click on contact us now, and we’ll give you a free quote. We believe making 1% of a million dollars is better than 100% of $5 dollars.

What exactly is your “LOVE GUARANTEE?”

Simple. If you don’t LOVE our work, there is no invoice, or we’ll repeat it until you LOVE it.

Call Us: 916-371-7747

We can offer you a “demo” service, and clean and detail your building for free.