About Us

Our Story

From 1955 to today, our story has not changed.  We are driven by the American way.  We give the best possible service for the best possible price.  Cleaning your building better is not a mere goal, it is our mission whether you pay $1 a month, or $1-million, you will be treated as our one and only, and best customer...

Our Approach

Our motto is "if it's dirty, clean it.  If clean, clean it. & Better IS Possible."  We custom tailor the cleaning to your buildings particular needs.  And, we do not confuse what you pay every month for cleaning service, with what you expect from the cleaning service.  We treat the job as if you pay 1-million per day!

Meet the Team

We would rather have one good custodian than 100 bad ones.  We screen, teach, and supervise all our skilled professionals on the science and art of cleaning.

Joe I.

Vice President

There's no order I wouldn't give that I wouldn't do myself.  No one can clean better than me.

Gerri O.

Client Relations

I get the job done, and I look at the job through the customer's eye only.

Jenny S.

Quality Control

My only job is making yours easier.  I don't have caller ID, I just answer the phone!

Julie M.

Quality Control

I don't like for someone else, what I don't like for myself...

Next Steps...

If you're happy with your janitorial company, we will make you happier.  If you are unhappy, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.  We give you our LOVE guarantee.  If you don't LOVE the work, there is simply no invoice.